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Worry-free IT-management through Managed Services

Today, digital commerce has often become a strategic part of a business. As a result, the complexity of these implementations has increased dramatically.

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Progressive Web App

A PWA is a website with all the best features of native mobile apps, which makes it behave like a mobile app. A PWA utilises the full screen of your device and works on any browser, regardless of personal preference.

Radio Raccoons

With their technology podcasts, the young entrepreneurs of Raccoons Group want to give an interpretation of the latest trends in all things tech and find an answer to the questions they raise.

Joining VITO as a starter

“With a junior profile, you have endless possibilities to extend yourself and, at the same time, develop a broad base. This gives – both starters and customers – the chance to assume several different tasks and spheres of action,” recalls Hans, DevOps Engineer at FlowFactor.

A day in the life of… bid officer Bo

Meet BO. She’s the newest addition to the Xplore Group Bid Office team


We are very excited to introduce one of the new Xplore Group members: studio360!

Immersive technology

Retailers need to leverage immersive technologies to solve the retailpocalypse.