New insights boost Bose’s business

Bose’s new data-driven approach of marketing and sales is built on a reliable and structured event-based tracking framework, implemented by Xplore Group.

Bose is a digitally mature company, continuously looking for innovative ways to create a better customer experience. The leading audio brand manages 35 websites on a global platform, next to a digital reseller platform and 5 B2B platforms. The company’s digital touchpoints also include apps, email and advertising.


By generating a singular view across all platforms, Bose aims to drive better insights and create meaningful optimizations. But to outline the right customer experience plan, Bose needed a structured and reliable data strategy. To reach that goal, Bose called on Xplore Group to implement its event-based tracking framework.


The implementation lead to a Generic Digital Data Layer (GDDL) framework, which allowed Bose to gain deeper insight in both user behaviour and content performance, eventually feeding into optimization and personalization exercises. Using the platform resulted in a unified tracking approach across all of Bose’s platforms and domains. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch were implemented to ensure that all measurement requests get the most out of the framework.


Bose was looking for a way to get more insights, based on tracking data across 40+ digital platforms.

Our solution

Xplore Group implemented its Generic Digital Data Layer framework, to learn more from user behavior and content performance.


  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Analytics


Bose now has a generic data layer structure across all of its platforms. Tracking and analyzing data resulted in new opportunities for Bose to perform better analyses and feed data back into their optimization and personalization strategies. Improved trust in data allows for a more data-driven marketing and sales approach.