The future of trading: the possibilities of blockchain and tokenisation

From smartphones to smart devices to virtual reality, we are surrounded by innovations that make our lives increasingly efficient and convenient. For example, did you know that you can now also own real estate or a work of art digitally? This is possible thanks to the latest development in the world of commerce: tokenisation.

Common misconceptions about cloud technology: 5 myths debunked

Cloud technologies offer endless possibilities and a lot of advantages. A growing number of companies are embracing the transition, yet there are still many misconceptions that stop companies from switching to the Cloud. Unjustified, in our opinion. In this blog, we debunk five of the most common myths about cloud technology. Myth 1 – The… Continue reading Common misconceptions about cloud technology: 5 myths debunked

A story about connected cows

InfoFarm was hosted by farmer Luc and his wife Marina from the Sint-Jozefhoeve for a teambuilding. Next to running a full dairy farm they still find the time to organize teambuilding activities, give educations to schools and facilitate team coaching and talent development sessions.