More turnover with PIM

Joeri Moors, 8 June 2018

It’s not just a flashy webshop that generates online sales. The information that is offered on an e-commerce platform results in differentiation as well. It’s the combination of these two elements that increases sales.


Alpheios is one of the biggest suppliers of professional cleaning products, systems and strategies in the Benelux. The company understands that high-quality product information is essential to the customer. That’s why Alpheios decided to combine a Product Information Managament (PIM) system with its new e-commerce platform.

Single source of truth

In its PIM system, Alpheios centralizes and harmonizes all information, simplifying the enrichment of product data. Alpheios uses the PIM solution mainly for the storage of marketing data, media files, technical data, translations and other information that is relevant to the company’s products.

The main advantage of this single source of truth is that different departments now have access to the same information. Moreover, the data can be used in different channels. Marketing managers, product specialists and e-commerce managers now all use the same information. Data enrichment is centralized, enabling a shorter time-to-market, which in turn offers a direct competitive advantage.

Increased sales

Using the PIM system, Alpheios saves a considerable amount of time. The company spends that time on the expansion of its product range. As a result, Alpheios appeals to a larger target audience and realizes more sales.


About YellowGround

YellowGround is Xplore Group’s compentence center for Product Information Management and Master Data Management. At Alpheios, YellowGround first developed a data model, as a basis for a PIM solution that can be easily expanded in the years to come.


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