We design and implement advanced solutions that work together and Just. Make. Sense.  But ultimately, we build your applications to be safe. Working in a reliable and trustworthy environment ensures optimal performance without interference.

Integrating automation tools during the development phase increases stability for your development team. However, this is just part of the equation. After going live, our systems will keep monitoring processes proactively.

We believe our services work hand-in-hand in ensuring the continuity of your team and applications.

  • Application & infrastructure support
  • Cloud hosting
  • DevOps
  • Test automation

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Better viewing experience with VRT NU

Linear TV reach is changing. To respond more effeciently to the viewer’s need for live streaming and video on demand, Xplore Group developed a solution for VRT NU, based on Adobe Experience Manager.


Freight Tracking System

Say goodbye to delays thanks to an optimised just-in-time process

Just-in-time is a well-known basic principle in car manufacturing. But what if production parts are stuck in traffic or a supplier can’t produce the requested parts in time? Xplore Group’s Freight Tracking System provides a global overview, enabling suppliers to take the right actions at the right time, long before their customer’s production line comes to a grinding halt.



Making near-real-time publishing a reality

Xplore Group successfully designed a data syndication platform for Philips. The solution provides near-real-time publishing of product-related content to a multitude of output channels, reducing the throughput time from 12 hours to a couple of minutes.


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