Amazon Web Services

Xplore Group is specialized in tailor-made solutions. AWS provides the broadest range of use cases: cloud native applications, e-business hosting, general business applications, enterprise applications, development environments, batch computing, and more.

We specialize in the implementation of infrastructure, application and web solutions based on Amazon Web Services. Cloudar, competence center of Xplore Group, offers rock solid cloud solutions for any type of business. We design, build and operate highly available and scalable AWS environments.

We created a team of cloud professionals with a 100% focus on the AWS platform. That sets us apart from traditional hosting providers. All our AWS engineers are AWS certified. Cloudar, compentence center of Xplore Group, is an official AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Channel Reseller & Authorized Government Reseller.

We assist our customers in all phases of the IT systems management life cycle: adoption, assessment and evaluation, compliance and customization. As the IT landscape is changing, migrating existing on-premise, co-located services to AWS is one of the extra services we provide. Our end-to-end Cloud Migration Service focuses on optimal performance, agility, security, risk mitigation and cost minimization. On customer demand, we provide tailor-made workshops and handle the intricacies of AWS billing.