data science

Data science is a hot topic, but what does it offer? Xplore Group uses data science to optimize your business processes, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability by predictive modelling.

A data scientist needs to be an expert in many fields: math, programming, communication, visualization, business knowledge and more. At Xplore Group, we believe that all these competences can’t be found in one person. Data science is teamwork.

Xplore Group’s data science team tackles the toughest business cases with the highest business value. Analyzing historical data and combining it with open data and dark data, we offer new insights, based on facts.

Predictive maintenance: analyze machine logs to predict and prevent future breakdowns

Route optimization: combine routing data with open data about traffic jams and construction areas to optimize route planning

Recommender engine: combine web behaviour data with order history and margin information to offer each customer the right product with the highest margin

Churn prediction: predict which customers will leave the company and predict the result of retention actions