Internet of things

On the Internet of Things, everything is connected: not only your computer, phone and tablet, but also your shoes, car, coffee machine and fridge. Xplore Group specializes in analyzing and visualizing the data captured by the sensors on these smart devices.

Sensors are capturing data from all sorts of things, including refrigerated containers, self-driving cars and weather stations. Even pets are wearing tracking devices. Imagine what could be done when all these devices interact with each other and react instantaneously.

A whole working place could be tracked and secured by monitoring the people in the area. Whenever a worker is in danger in a place that is hard to reach, automatic signals could be sent to the closest medics or hospital, machines could stop working automatically, drones with first aid kits could automatically fly to the right spot. This may sound futuristic, but it is becoming a reality, sooner than you would think...