In the broad range of enterprise applications, the common denominator is always the robust Java platform performing under the hood. Xplore Group’s pragmatic approach of Java projects builds heavily on test automation, continuous delivery practices and infrastructure-as-code, all supported by Java/JEE standards and open source projects.

The Java platform has been proving itself over and over as the solid basis for any enterprise application platform, and has inspired the open source world to come up with some of the most widely used application platforms and libraries. Many Java open source platforms, applications and libraries provide an extraordinary toolset to build and integrate complex and innovative business software.

The open nature of the Java platform makes it play extremely well along mobile applications, JavaScript and other UI frameworks. Whether your software is to be operated as an on- premise system or deployed on a public cloud solution, Java provides a stable foundation.

We use the Spring framework as the backbone of our applications. JPA provides data persistence support for SQL databases, or we integrate a NoSQL solution data store. We have realized projects on all major application server platforms, from open source WildFly and JBoss EAP, to IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic.

At Xplore Group, we firmly believe in a test-driven software development process that has the highest level of automation on all its aspects: build, test, integration and deployment.