Test automation

The cost to fix a bug increases drastically the later it surfaces during the software development process. To prevent this, Xplore Group guarantees the quality of developed software during the project lifecycle, verifying the software functionalities, as well as validating the end-to-end business processes.

In order to increase the overall quality of a project, Xplore Group’s QA team focuses on different aspects of the application lifecycle. A test engineer quickly picks up and understands the full functionality of software under construction. To build this knowledge in a timely manner, we strongly believe that our QA team needs to be involved as early as possible during the development lifecycle.

By involving the QA team in the analysis phase, it can find defects in the requirements before any code has been written. During this phase, the team can also validate the quality of the analysis before starting the actual development.

Because time to market is important, we invested in building knowledge about test automation. The complete testing cycle includes unit testing, middle layer testing, UI testing, exploratory testing and performance testing.