Cloud Native Developers

Job description

Building applications that fully leverage the power of cloud computing is a different world in software development.

Public Cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or Heroku provide a modern toolset that allows realizing projects that would be too complex or even impossible in classical technologies.

Not only the toolset of CloudNative development is much more diverse than in a classical development project, ranging from serverless applications over streaming data services to highly specialized data-store solutions, also is the mix of programming platforms that is used, from Java over NodeJS to Python.

If you are interested in designing and developing CloudNative business applications, you should become a Xplore Group CloudNative developer!

"Keep up with the Cloud"

  • You strive to be informed about new cloud architecture and tools,
  • You are open minded about the used programming language – however Java and Node.js just seem to be most prevalent,
  • You are knowledgeable about or would like to use cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Heroku.

"Reach your goals with Cloud Native Development."

  • You are interested in working as a consultant,
  • You are goal oriented and want to use cloud technology to reach that goal faster and more efficient.

"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Ken Blanchard

  • You are a real team player,
  • You love sharing your knowledge with your peers,
  • In all of this you are customer oriented and you strive to get the job done,
  • Communication is essential as you are working together with a team of developers, architects, analysts, devops professionals, project managers ...

Last but not least, humor is essential in your job.

Profile description

  • You preferably obtained a bachelor or a master's degree.
  • Besides English you also possess a good knowledge of Dutch and/or French.

Xplore group

Xplore Group is the most successful independent JAVA and PHP solution provider in the Benelux. Our team of 700 highly skilled ‘xplorers’ has a unique approach, combining the experience of world leading platforms with best practices and the latest technologies.

Xplore Group is a company with a start-up mentality. You work in a team of highly motivated people, each of them striving to deliver a solution of the highest quality and reliability.

Working at Xplore Group is an extraordinary experience. We are passionate about our work and our clients. Above all we believe you need to have fun along the way!

Benefits of working at Xplore Group

Competitive salary
Lunch compensation
Company car and Benelux fuel card.
Grow and keep track of technologies
Mobile data plan
Additional events outside office hours.

This job really suits me

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