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Xplore Group strengthens VAR’s digital presence with new website and CMS

Var strengthens the digital channel. Xplore Group supports Var’s strategic objectives with a new website, based on a high-performance CMS.

Var is a media agency that offers advertising solutions for the websites, radio and television channels of the Belgian public broadcasting organization VRT. Var is an innovative media partner, offering high-performance solutions that deepen the connection between brands and consumers. As a result, Var is an important partner, generating extra financial resources for VRT. Var is committed to the digital innovation of its customer touchpoints. At the same time, the organization evolves from a traditional campaign-based approach to a media agency that thrives on always-on content marketing.


Var engaged Xplore Group for the development of a new website and the implementation of a new Content Management System (CMS). Xplore Group laid the foundation for the project after thorough analysis, resulting in a development project that combined elements from the waterfall model and the agile methodology. Following a number of biweekly sprints, Xplore Group delivered the website and CMS. In the next phases of the project, Xplore Group works on analytics and conversion optimization and prepares a complete makeover of the MyVar customer portal.

screenshot new website VAR


Var was looking for a way to renew its digital customer touchpoints, as the organization evolves towards an always-on content marketing agency.

Our solution

Xplore Group built a new Var website. The engine behind the website is Sulu CMS, which allows for the creation and management of enterprise-grade multi-sites. Sulu provides a reliable development environment for powerful apps. As MyVar is not a CMS application, Xplore Group decided to build that functionality with Symfony instead of Sulu.


  • Sulu (CMS)
  • Symfony (PHP framework)


Var has a high-performance CMS environment that provides a solid foundation for developers and editors. This way, Xplore Group provided Var with a modern and efficient website that perfectly supports the media agency’s objectives.