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Client Neuhaus

A unified customer experience for Neuhaus

Xplore Group’s competence center Forward implemented a customized Salesforce solution resulting in a unified E-commerce platform for Neuhaus. The result was a more consistent buyer journey and personalized customer experiences, which will stimulate growth and ensure high customer satisfaction.

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Client VION Food Group

Top-level data exchange ensures better business operations

Pig farmers who supply animals to VION Farming have direct insight into the results of their operations through Farmingnet. Xplore Group is responsible for the support and functional expansion of the online reporting system.
Client actionable dashboard based on real-time data

At, operational and management dashboards provide accurate insights in real time. The dashboards are tailored to the needs of several user groups. All users have the data they need to take data-driven decisions at their fingertips.
Client Chatbots


Xplore Group built a chatbot that suggests recipes, based on natural conversation. The customer tells the chatbot what he or she prefers: breakfast, lunch, fish, steak, etcetera.
Client Blockchain


Online ticketing services face many problems: from black markets to fraud. Xplore Group built a solution based on blockchain technology. Proof, trust and traceability of tickets are assured.
Client Telenet

Adding a catchy app to a great campaign

A cool marketing app puts the spotlight even more on an already great marketing campaign. That’s exactly what Xplore Group was after with its original disposable camera app for communication agency TheseDays Y&R and Belgian Internet provider Telenet.
Client Telenet

The right content for the right user, at the right time

In just under eight months, Xpore Group improved Telenet’s time-to-market for new online initiatives by 30%. Customers enjoy superior user experience across all touch points. The new approach allows Telenet to target customers more effectively, while costs decreased.