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Client Neuhaus

A unified customer experience for Neuhaus

Xplore Group’s competence center Forward implemented a customized Salesforce solution resulting in a unified E-commerce platform for Neuhaus. The result was a more consistent buyer journey and personalized customer experiences, which will stimulate growth and ensure high customer satisfaction.

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Client VION Food Group

Xplore Group optimizes supply at Vion Food Group

Transporters supplying live animals to VION Food Group’s production locations in Emstek, Germany, reserve time slots online. Thanks to Xplore Group's reservation tool, waiting times at the gate have dropped dramatically.
Client Essentiel

Xplore Group optimizes Essentiel’s web shop performance

Xplore Group assessed Essentiel’s web shop code and infrastructure, followed by the integration of the web shop’s processes with ERP, CRM and logistics.
Client Myvanbreda


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