Xplore Group is the most successful independent JAVA and PHP solution provider in the Benelux.  Our team of highly skilled ‘xplorers’ has a unique approach, combining the experience of world leading platforms with best practices and the latest technologies.

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As a BI Analyst with expertise in data visualisation tools, you will help build analytical data models and conduct trainings to share your expertise.

As a BI Developer with expertise in BI tools, you’ll be in a driving seat to guide strategic decision-making on database and infrastructure, you will help build analytical data models and conduct trainings to share your expertise.

As a Cloud architect, you’ll be in a driving seat in shaping the architecture on key projects and to guide strategic decision-making on database and infrastructure. You’ll be expected to provide pre & post sales architectural advice; hence you’ll also be engaging with our customers and prospects on a frequent basis.

You are very much in line with the idea of an "API Economy", and would like to help our customers to grow towards new business models by making their services available to partners via APIs in the most optimal way possible. 

Do you have a (strong) opinion whether vi(m) or Emacs should win the editor war? Do you sometimes wonder why a GUI was ever invented, you can do everything quicker using the command line, right? If so, you might be the one we are looking for!

You are passionate about delivering high quality Data Science and Big Data solutions. You are not afraid to define creative solutions for complex queries. The more complex a query, the better you like it. As a Big Data Developer, no project is the same and that’s how you like it best. 

You feel at home in the world of SAP HANA Cloud platform and/or Amazon Web Services. You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and work on developing and building state-of-the-art, scalable cloud solutions. You understand the advantages of working in highly distributed virtual environments.

As a Business Analyst you analyse the customer’s wishes and needs. Your goal is translating them into clear assignments for the development team. In addition, you are the link between the client and our organisation.

You are passionate about mobile and just about everything related to Android (read:  you are a bit of a fanboy/girl)?  You are proud of your awesome coding skills and you think it is time to put these skills to work?

You are passionate about mobile and just about everything Apple related?  You are proud of your awesome coding skills and you think it is time to put these skills to work? 

Do you always want to fully understand how an application works? Do you start thinking about how to automate a task that you’re doing for the second time?When a production issue occurs, do you start wondering why nobody noticed it during the development phase? 

Are you looking for a position where you can combine the best of both worlds:  data engineering and e-commerce?  Then this might be exactly something for you!

You are passionate about the newest technologies and Node.JS definitely is one of them. You already gained some experience with Node.JS or you strive to get acquainted with it. You are proud of your excellent coding skills and you think it is definitely time to put them to work. 

As a Product Application Consultant you provide a Product Information Management solution. You help and guide the customer by configuring and implementing the application based on the customer requirements.

You are passionate by how people behave in an online environment and you always try to figure out why certain things occur. Digital Analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are your best friends. You make sure that you can interpret, correlate and report about certain data.

You strive to be informed about new cloud architecture and tools. You are open minded about the used programming language – however Java and Node.js just seem to be most prevalent. 

As Senior Java Architect you are above all passionate about Java.  You implement complex systems and you communicate clearly about them with your team of developers.  You are a true coach.

You are looking for an analytical position in which you advise your clients concerning the best product solutions and this within an IT-related context.  You strive to become a product expert.

Are you nearly graduated and ready to take your first professional steps?  Then take them within a company that combines a pleasant work atmosphere with challenging projects.

As a PHProfessional you will be building stunning front-ends as well as stable back-ends. You will be working with, customizing or integrating 3rd party software with excising open source applications (Magento, Drupal, Akeneo, …). 

You claim yourself to be a true Java addict. You love everything related to Java code and strive to use the newest technologies. Not all code is the same – you believe in quality above all! JBoss, Spring, Hibernate, XML, SQL, OSGI, ..., it all rings a bell!

As front-ender you like everything related to the online and digital world. You have an eye for detail and you strive to translate a gripping design into efficient code. You are passionate about creating innovative solutions in the area of online. 

As a project manager you define units of work, you follow up on your project(s) and you motivate a squad of developers as no other. You share your passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude with your team. As a born leader you hold out clear goals towards different stakeholders.

Software Test Automation Engineers, Mobile Developers (Android en iOS), UX Designers, Data Scientists, ...

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