Using our cloud operations services, our customers can respond more flexibly to changing needs, manage costs more efficiently and improve the overall performance of digital services.

Our Xplorers have the right expertise to grow your business using the cloud.

Our services:



24/7 managed services 

Would you rather focus on your core business than on your company’s IT operations? With our 24/7 managed services, we offer companies uninterrupted support and management of their IT infrastructure. This means our specialised teams are constantly vigilant, proactively identifying and solving problems and ensuring optimal performance. This approach minimises downtime, improves operational efficiency and allows you to focus on your core business.



Cloud hosting 

Do you want to maximise the uptime of your website and move away from a single physical server? Then cloud hosting is for you! By using virtual servers accessible via the internet, cloud hosting eliminates the need for physical hardware and provides instant access to resources on demand. Our Xplorers will help you get started.





Cyber security 

Cybersecurity is as essential for organisations as seatbelts are in a car. It is the protection of networks, devices, applications, systems and data from cyber threats. Through continuous monitoring and implementation of best practices, our Xplorers strive to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your information, making your business more resilient against cyber attacks.




Nowadays, there are an awful lot of different versions of software. The code of that software is developed and maintained. DevOps centres on the collaboration between software development and operations. Both teams are responsible for the end result of the software and the code. 







FinOps enables companies to manage, predict and optimise costs, resulting in more efficient use of cloud resources and financial transparency. With FinOps, you have the knowledge and skills to accelerate the adoption of financial cloud management. Our Xplorers will help you implement measurable improvements in your business.



Test automation 

Looking for a fast and efficient way to test your software applications? Test automation uses automated tools and scripts to run tests, increasing your efficiency and detecting errors faster. Our Xplorers have the right knowledge to improve your software quality.


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