Innovation (the; plural: innovations) 

  1. Introducing something new

    And that is exactly what we are committed to at Xplore Group. We strive to (also) use the latest technologies and concepts. We contribute to positive progress in the digital world and fully make us of new developments.

    Together with our customers, we push the boundaries of what is possible and ensure that you, the customer, are always one step ahead of your competition.

Our services:



Artificiële Intelligentie (AI) 

AI made a big splash in recent years – especially since ChatGPT. But AI is more than ChatGPT. There is GenAI, but also ML, Computer Vision, LLM, … Our Xplorers will be happy to guide you through the possibilities and applications so that it may be an added value to your organisation.




Immersive Experiences

Would you like to immerse your customers in a modified reality and give them a full experience? Thanks to AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and 3D modelling, you can. Our Xplorers will explore the limits of reality with you.



Intelligent Automation (IA) 

Automation combined with AI? That’s Intelligent Automation. Repetitive tasks and processes are automated, giving your employees time to focus on more complex tasks.







Edge Computing

Edge computing brings the processing of data closer to its users and devices, minimising latency and improving the efficiency of data flows. The emerging technology provides real-time insights and streamlines processes, allowing organisations to operate faster and smarter in an increasingly connected world.





Blockchain is best known as the technology behind cryptocurrency, but it has many more uses. Do you work with products that require secure and transparent transactions? Then blockchain might just be the way to go. Our Xplorers are happy to show the value of blockchain for your business during an inspiration session.



Smart Contracts 

Building on blockchain technology, your business might also benefit from Smart Contracts. Imagine a contract that, when all conditions are met, automatically triggers the next step. Automatic payment? Automatic transfer of rights? There are plenty of possibilities.



Prototyping & ideation 

In the world of product development and design, prototyping (or Proof-of-Concept) and ideation are two crucial steps in the creative process. Do you have a rough idea, but do not know how to get started? Our Xplorers are happy to inspire.

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