Choose the right integration strategy for your application landscape

The right software integration strategy is important. It ensures that your various applications can communicate seamlessly with each other and, just as importantly, it ensures a flawless user experience for consumers.

“Seamlessly connecting the dots in your digital ecosystem”

Direct connection or working through a middleware?

Software integration is the process of connecting different software applications so that they work together as one integrated system.


You achieve this through direct connections via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or you choose to use a middleware or iPaaS system.


  • Direct connections: This involves directly connecting two or more systems so that they exchange data and work together.
  • Middleware: This is software that acts as an intermediate layer between different applications. The advantage of middleware is that you can introduce or replace new software in your landscape without having to make drastic changes that could affect other applications.

Together, we’ll explore which strategy best suits your organisation. Our Xplorers have been experts in the most complex environments for years and can guide and advise you throughout the process.

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