Optimise your cloud expenses with FinOps

In today’s world of cloud computing, we hear more and more talk about FinOps. FinOps allows you to manage the cost of your cloud infrastructure. Our Xplorers are happy to use their experience and best practices to optimise your cloud costs.

“Empowering fiscal agility in the cloud”

The basics of FinOps

  • Decentralised cost management: each team is responsible for its own cloud expenses. As a result, teams become more aware of their cloud expenses and there are no unintended or unallocated cloud costs.

  • Informed decisions: by collecting and analysing all cloud expenditure data, you make decisions based on accurate data.

  • Encourage collaboration: FinOps encourages collaboration between finance, operations and technology teams.


Our Xplorers work with different tools and solutions, depending on what your organisation needs. These range from dashboards to optimisation tools to budgeting and forecasting tools.


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