Optimise user experience using mobile apps and PWAs

What are mobile apps & PWAs?

Mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are techniques used to provide a better end-user experience.


Mobile apps are specially designed software applications that are installed on smartphones via the app store, often giving users a better experience and more functionalities compared to a website. The app is developed specifically for the Apple and Android (Google Play) stores and can be downloaded there. These are usually referred to as ‘native apps’.

PWAs are web-based applications that, compared to a classic web application, offer more features for users browsing via a smartphone. Features such as adding the website directly to the home screen, receiving push notifications, working offline… In other words: PWAs are web applications that behave like a native mobile application.

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But which option suits your business best – a native app or a PWA? To answer this we must take into consideration factors such as budget, target groups, project goals and technological preferences.


Our Xplorers are happy to help you make the right choice and then work with your needs to achieve the desired result.

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