Digital strategy: the key to your online succes

Today, the question is not whether to have an online presence, but how to have an online presence. And this starts with a clear digital strategy: the blueprint for achieving your online goals. Your digital strategy takes everything into account: your current situation, the sector, your needs and wants,… A good strategy will help strengthen your brand, reach your target audience and generate leads.
Our Xplorers will help you define your strategy and then turn it into concrete action points.

"Succes with digital marketing is the result of sound strategy"

Digital strategy

A well-thought-out strategy provides clarity and consistency. It ensures that you spread the same message across the various channels – recognisable for your customers and a foothold for your employees. In addition, we always make sure a strategy is measurable, so you can always check whether your efforts are actually making a difference and make adjustments if necessary.


To shape your digital strategy, we put together a team of Xplorers with knowledge of marketing, design, data, etc. This way, we can be sure that the strategy is well rounded.

Our approach

Every business is unique, and so every business also needs a personalised strategy. Together, we’ll create one that suits your specific situation and goals.


We’ll organise one or more workshops to go through the following steps:

  • Who are you as an organisation, what do you stand for? What are your USPs and KPIs?
  • Who are your customers currently? Do they align with the target group you want to reach? This is followed by a more in-depth target group analysis.
  • Competitor analysis: Who are your competitors and how do they have an online presence?
  • What does your website currently look like? What other digital channels are you using?

Once we have gathered all the information, we fine-tune your mission and vision and discuss your (digital) objectives together. These form the basis of the strategy.

Based on the information gathered, our Xplorers will create a digital strategy and plan of action. 


In it, you will find things like:

  • What message do we deliver and how do we best communicate it?
  • Which digital tools and platforms do we need?
  • How do we work towards each individual objectives?
  • How do we monitor the results?

We’ll deliver a plan with actions to optimise your digital presence.


But it doesn’t end there. Do you need help afterwards to implement the strategic (marketing) plan? Then our Xplorers are happy to roll up their sleeves and get working for you.

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