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There are many existing AI applications that you can use in your business. Those are often good enough to meet your needs, but sometimes as a business, you want just a tad more. With more than 10 years of experience in building AI applications, Xplore Group is happy to help.

Some examples of our AI projects:


Container recognition at a logistics player

This company has thousands of containers at their terminal and has up to 1,200 trucks arrive every day. Due to the contents of some containers, it is crucial that they are stacked safely to avoid dangerous situations. In doing so, it is essential that the customer knows where which container is at all times. Using cameras and sensors on driving stackers, all containers are continuously monitored by specific codes on the containers that are read and processed via Computer Vision.


Food industry

At one of our customers, we are currently working at on quality control of their products using AI. Generally speaking, this is a subjective process, and we are objectifying it by using Computer Vision. A second project we are currently working on is one related to food waste.


Notarial deeds

We are enabling the digitisation of deeds. About 60.000 paper documents are scanned and the necessary information is automatically collected using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and LLM (Large Language Models). Possible information that is collected: parties involved, what type of document (e.g. sale, purchase, lease, leasehold,…), dates, etc.


Personalised recommendations by Digipolis

People with a love for cultural outings in Antwerp needed to visit several websites to find all current activities. Xplore Group created one central platform for the city where all information is collected, and added a layer that provides personalised recommendations using Machine Learning.


Monitoring tool for boilers

bCheck, a company specialed in making smart sensors for boilers has an abundance of data related to boilers. Xplore Group developed an interactive monitoring application for them that can detect anomalies and changes based on data and a generic algorithm, allowing proactive detection of problems and automatic scheduling of maintenance.



A chatbot solution that uses LLM (Large Language Models) and vector databases. This chatbot serves as a starting point for an AI & Machine Learning environment in AWS, where you, as a customer, can build the tool to suit your specific needs.


Scoring Engine for car insurrance

We created a smart device that drivers can install in their cars to pay insurance costs based on their driving behaviour. The device takes into account the speed limit, acceleration and braking behaviour, weather influence, etc….


Time registration platform

Flexsoft, a company specialising in software for lawyers, was looking for a way to use AI for their customers. During workshops, it quickly became clear that AI could be used to aid in time registration . A ML algorithm automatically interprets the tasks performed in O365 and completes your timesheet.

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