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Every business is unique and deserves a solution that fits its needs seamlessly. That is why we’ll help you with your custom development projects. We create future proof solutions that perfectly fit your needs and goals. Together, we’ll ensure that your IT environment is ready for the future and responds flexibly to changes in your sector.


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“Turning unique visions into digital realities”

Why choose for custom development?

There is so much existing software, that you might ask yourself whether it makes sense to develop (or commission) your own software. And you are right – for certain jobs it can be faster and cheaper to work with an existing software package. But there are also situations where custom-made software can add value, for example:


  • You have a very specific business and very specific needs for your software solution
  • You want to combine functionalities from different packages to create your ideal software
  • You have many different applications in your IT landscape and the new software must be able to integrate with them


When software development is not your core business, you probably don’t have the right in-house knowledge to complete a development project from start to finish efficiently and correctly. In that case, it makes sense to work with a partner who does – Xplore Group to the rescue.

One partner for your complete custom project

Our team of experienced developers will create customised software that is not only functional, but also intuitive, user-friendly and interactive.




Our Xplorers work completely end-to-end, allowing you to be confident in their expertise across the board. And it doesn’t stop after delivery – you can also count on us for the further evolution and maintenance of your software or application.

Our development services

We work with modern and proven technologies and also always ensure an API-first approach so that your software integrates seamlessly with other applications within your organisation.

We can program:

  • Backend: we make sure your application works well behind the scenes
  • Frontend: we ensure an optimal user experience and that the visual aspect matches your brand
  • Cloud native: we guarantee scalability, flexibility and reliability
  • Lowcode: the solution when you need a new application quickly
  • Cross platform development: one code base for different platforms

Some of our programming languages

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node JS
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue JS
  • Python

Some of our clients

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