A serverless environment for Signify

Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is a global leader in lighting, offering high quality & energy efficient lighting products, systems and services. By turning light sources into data collection points, they connect devices, locations and people, leading to energy savings and a safer and more comfortable living environment.


At Signify, a dedicated team of marketers had to manually update all online content every time product or price updates were made. This time-consuming process led to inconsistencies in pricing and product campaigns across platforms. Compentence centre Cloudway provided the solution to centralise and automate these updates, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Serverless for effortless edits

Cloudway implemented a serverless platform for Signify, allowing product updates to be made quickly and easily with just one click. This increased efficiency and allowed marketers to focus on their core business instead of dealing with time-consuming manual updates.

The process

After close consultation with Signify, Cloudway developed a complete serverless platform that perfectly suited the company’s needs. Using the latest technologies, such as a Product Content Publication (PCP) platform on Signify’s existing PIM system, product updates were processed within minutes instead of hours or days.


The result

Working with Cloudway enabled Signify to reduce time-to-market and rapidly expand their market. Marketers were given more time to focus on their core business, while the serverless platform automatically ensured consistent and timely updates across all channels and platforms. Cloudway’s system not only increased efficiency but also innovation, resulting in more cost-effective and flexible operations.

Thanks to the revamped system, Signify can now keep track of costs more easily and respond to market changes faster. The partnership with Cloudway has led to greater efficiency, innovation and growth for Signify and also demonstrates that a serverless approach is the way to faster time-to-market and successful business operations.


Signify needed a user friendly platform that allowed product updates to be made quickly and easily with just one click.

Our solution

Compentence centre Cloudway created a solution which centralises and automates product updates through a serverless platform, ensuring consistency and efficiency.


  • Product Content Publication (PCP) platform on Signify’s existing PIM-system
  • AWS Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • Kinesi


Thanks to the new platform, Signify shortened its time-to-market and expanded their active market. The serverless platform automatically ensures consistent and timely updates, allowing marketers to focus on their core business.