Strengthen your customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with a loyalty platform

Loyalty systems are a powerful tool to increase your customers’ engagement, encourage repeat purchases and attract new customers. From digital loyalty cards to rewards programmes and affiliate networks – loyalty solutions can help build long-term relationships and generate more sales.

Why should you implement a loyalty system?

In today’s competitive market, it is important to retain your customers and reward them for their support. With a loyalty system, you can offer your customers a personalised experience (thanks to the data collected via their loyalty card), reward them for their purchases with free products or discounts, and encourage them to come back. Such a system not only leads to higher customer satisfaction, but also may increase sales. Besides, thanks to affiliate networks, you can also attract new customers.


Affiliate networks?

An affiliate network is a network of partners where customers can collect points by buying at participating shops and then redeem these points for discounts at one of the partners.


For example: when you shop at a certain supermarket, you can redeem your points for free products in that store, exchange your points as a donation to charity, or get discounts at certain partners.

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Client Horta

Loyalty and customer experience platform for Horta

Horta, the leading specialist in garden and pet supplies, wanted o set up a loyalty programme where customers could enjoy benefits through a loyalty card. Competence centre Us integrated a comprehensive Customer Experience Platform.
Client Casa

More customer loyalty for Casa

As part of their commitment to continuously improving their customer service, CASA wanted to centralize all of their data and processes onto one platform to provide customers with a seamless online and in-store experience. They also wanted to better understand and connect with their customers, which they hope to do by introducing a loyalty program with a digital savings card.

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