More customer loyalty for Casa

CASA, a European interior furniture and decor company founded in 1925, has grown to become a key player in the industry with more than 467 stores across 8 countries. As part of their commitment to continuously improving their customer service, CASA wanted to centralize all of their data and processes onto one platform to provide customers with a seamless online and in-store experience. They also wanted to better understand and connect with their customers, which they hope to do by introducing a loyalty program with a digital savings card.

To achieve these goals, CASA partnered with our competence centers Forward, AppFoundry and supersonic to develop a tailor-made solution that would enrich customer data, drive customer centricity, and create a personal and meaningful customer journey.

This customer journey starts on CASA’s website, where customers can register themselves as a returning customer. This registration process triggers the enrolment in the CASA loyalty program, which consists of two Salesforce-based layers. The first layer is the CRM platform, which provides a 360° view of customer data to enable better customer service and optimal data flows between different platforms and systems. The second layer is the Marketing Cloud, which allows for highly personalized email campaigns based on individual purchasing behavior and preferences.

The Salesforce suite was integrated through an API with Voucherify to create the loyalty program, which offers a switch from old-school, in-store-only stamp cards to a digital loyalty card that can be stored in the customer’s Apple/Google Wallet. By creating a loyalty card to add into the Wallet, rather than a separate app, development time was much faster and the cost much lower.

CASA’s loyalty program also includes other campaigns, such as a B2B loyalty journey for business clients and a birthday reward for customers during their special time.


Casa wanted to build a better relationship with their clients through a personalized customer journey and collecting relevant data about their shopping habits.

Our solution

Competence Center supersonic created the storefront and e-commerce platform and the underlying microservices which tie the architecture together. Forward provided the two Salesforce layers to collect the data and enable personalized marketing efforts. AppFoundry took care of the loyalty card which can be stored in the customer’s Apple/Google Wallet.


  • Commercetools
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Voucherify


CASA has taken significant steps towards improved unified profiling, digitalization, and personalization, with future goals of further developing the customer journey across various channels to provide an even better shopping experience for their customers.