Technology and platforms are the backbone of modern businesses. They provide tools and infrastructure for innovation, efficiency, and growth, allowing organisations to constantly evolve in an ever-changing digital environment.


Xplore Group is your partner in Belgium to help select and implement the right technologies and packages for your business. Choosing the right technology, which fits within the company’s ambitions, budgets, and needs, is a crucial step for the future of your business. At Xplore Group, we have a good overview of what is available and are happy to help you.

Our services:



Strategy Technology & Architecture

Technology is changing rapidly – and as an organisation, you naturally want your investments to last as long as possible. So it is essential that your digital environment is future-proof. This starts with a well thought-out strategy for your digital landscape and architecture.
Our Xplorers help you fine-tune these, starting from your needs and existing IT landscape.



Headless CMS 

Are you looking for a way to improve content creation, management and distribution? Then a headless CMS might be the solution. With a headless CMS (Content Management System), the backend is seperated from the frontend, allowing content to be presented flexibly and seamlessly on different platforms. Our Xplorers have the right knowledge to help you find which option suit your business.



Composable Commerce 

Increasingly, customers expect personalised experiences. A flexible and adaptable composable e-commerce solution may help you do just that. Composable commerce enables your company to develop flexible and low-maintenance e-commerce systems using independent and interchangeable components. Sounds interesting? We’ll start with a composable blueprint and then set out your optimal course.




Marketplaces, Amazon, Decathlon…  just a few examples of popular marketplaces. These are online platforms where sellers offer products or services to potential buyers. They offer a wide range of products from different sellers, giving consumers a wider choice and giving sellers access to a larger audience. Would you like to build your own marketplace? Or could you use help selling on existing marketplaces? Our Xplorers will help you get started.




Mobile apps & PWA 

With the rising number of mobile users in recent years, the popularity of the smaller screens is ever-increasing. Mobile apps provide specific functionalities and access to platform-specific features on smartphones. On the other hand, PWAs deliver web-based experiences with app-like features. Wondering what options there are for your business? Together, we will look at the possibilities.



Custom development 

Need a specific, tailor-made solution for your challenge? No problem – our Xplorers have the right expertise. Custom development offers flexibility, scalability and tailored functionality, providing your organisation with tailor-made solutions that support your business goals.






Managing product information and digital assets within an organisation is a big task. Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) are essential tools to help you do this. Together, we will explore which possibilities suit your organisation and how we can improve your company’s operational efficiency.





Customer data is an important source of information for many businesses. Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) are tools that help your organisation collect, analyse and manage customer data. Whether it is about centralising customer information for personalised marketing or collecting data to segment audiences for advertising purposes, our Xplorers have the right knowledge to help you.




Processing, tracking and handling orders across different e-commerce platforms can be challenging. An OMS (Order Management System) helps you do just that. The software system manages your company’s entire order processing process, from order placement to delivery. OMS improves operational efficiency, reduces errors and ensures a seamless customer experience through faster and more accurate order processing. 





Are you looking for a software solution that manages your various business processes? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated software platform that helps organisations optimise various business processes. It improves efficiency through seamless communication between different departments. Together, we’ll explore which option will allow your business to run efficiently.





Looking for a strategic approach to manage and optimise your business processes? Business Process Management (BPM) involves identifying, analysing and improving workflows to maximise efficiency and reduce operational costs. Together, we’ll decide on the right optimisations that will allow you to offer your customers a seamless experience.





Integrations are essential for modern business operations, where different systems need to communicate seamlessly with each other. They enable your company to synchronise and share data and functionalities between different software applications. Our Xplorers are happy to help.





Product configurators 

Would you like to give your customers the option to design their ideal product or service themselves? Then a product configurator is your solution. The software offers options such as colour, size, features, and more, allowing customers to create their own personalised products. As a result, product configurators often improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Our Xplorers have the right knowledge to help you.



Customer Service solutions 

Customer Service solutions are tools and systems that help your company handle customer questions and problems efficiently and effectively. We will implement those features that will improve your users’ satisfaction.



AI driven apps  

AI is impossible to ignore when talking about technology. Since ChatGPT, we’ve seen AI become more established and accessible to the wider public. An AI project used to be a costly investment, both in time and budget, but not anymore. We are now building AI-based applications much faster and more budget-friendly. With a proven trackrecord developing applications that rely on artificial intelligence, we are happy to show you the different possibilities and use cases.

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