The best customer experience thanks to a 360° customer view

In today’s digital world, companies collect a huge amount of customer data from different sources. That data is often stored scattered, resulting in different departments having their own (incomplete) customer view. This can result in an inconsistent customer journey – something you want to avoid as much as possible.


If you, as a company, want to be customer-centric and give your customers a personalised experience, you’ll need a tool that centralises all information, such as a CDP.

What is a CDP?

A Customer Data Platform is a central customer database that compiles customer data from different sources and can be easily accessed by other systems.


The tool is mainly used by marketing departments. Because all customer data is centralised, you can create a 360° view of the customer. Based on that information, the marketing team sets up targeted campaigns and advertisements.

“Unleashing insights, powering personalized experiences”

Parts of a CDP

  • ETL: extract, transform and load your data. The data entering your CDP comes from various sources and can be added to the platform via, for example, batch uploads, but also by continuous data streams.
  • Storage of the data
  • Identity resolution: a customer may have different touch points with your brand (e.g. via mobile phone, work laptop and private laptop). Identity resolution ensures that the data collected through those different paths is merged to create a complete and unique customer profile.
  • Segmentation: marketers easily compile different target groups via the platform to run targeted campaigns. The CDP provides a clear interface so they can easily access necessary data.
  • Activation: the platform is integrated with various marketing channels such as your website, mailing tools, advertising channels …

Types of CDP

There are different types of Customer Data Platforms. Which one you should use depends entirely on your company’s needs and which other platforms you already use. In addition, the price tag may also have an influence

Xplore Group will help you decide

Not sure which CDP your organisation needs? No problem, our Xplorers have the expertise to guide you. We work vendor-independently, so we can help you with implementation and integration, no matter what platform you chose. Afterwards, we’ll also provide the necessary education and training.

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