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We develop a whole range of applications for our clients that are critical for the functioning of their organisation, such as complex order portals, B2C web shops, ERP, CRM … It is essential that those applications continue to be supported after going live. Through our 24/7 managed services, we keep a constant eye on the status of those applications to monitor problems and resolve them immediately.


Better safe than sorry – proactive monitoring can prevent many problems and thus save a lot of money. Our Xplorers use advanced tools to detect potential problems before they escalate, so that issues are addressed quickly. Our experts are an extension of your existing team.

“Empower your path with 24/7 managed services”

24/7 managed services

24/7 managed services are key for companies evolving in a digitally driven world. By entrusting the continuous monitoring, optimisation and security of your applications to our dedicated specialists, your organisation can focus on innovation and growth while ensuring reliable and secure operation.

Application support

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to support your applications, regardless of which platform or technology is used. From fixing bugs and improving the user experience to implementing new features and updates – our Xplorers make sure your applications always run smoothly. With a proactive approach, we minimise downtime and maximise the efficiency of your business processes.

Infrastructure support

A reliable IT infrastructure is indispensable in a business. Our infrastructure support services focus on maintaining and optimising your servers, networks and cloud environments. We provide monitoring, security and continuous improvement to ensure that your infrastructure always meets the demands of your business.

Why choose for 24/7 managed services?

  • Better security: continuous monitoring significantly reduces the risk of cybercrime.
  • Continuity: potential failures are detected in time, resulting in maximum uptime.
  • Transparency: clear agreements are made with the MSP (managed service provider) regarding services and rates. Furthermore, you’ll receive a clear report on your systems monthly.
  • Specialisation: as a company, you do not need to hire specialised personnel. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge to optimise your company’s IT activities.

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