Custom software with versatile programming language Java

Java is a widely used programming language and software platform. The software written with it runs on billions of devices (laptops and desktops, mobile devices, game consoles, medical devices …) It is a so-called object-oriented language and is based on the C and C++ programming languages.

Why is Java often chosen as a programming language?

  • Versatile: Java can be used for applications on different platforms.
  • Reliable: tried and tested. It has been used for more than 20 years and still remains popular – that can only mean that it is also good.
  • Modern applications: despite the programming language being ‘so old’, it is not only relevant for legacy software. Java is also widely used in modern applications. It is the basis of Android systems and is also often used for applications such as machine learning & data science.
  • IDE support: there are many integrated development environments (IDEs) available.

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What software can I use Java for?

A better question is what can’t you use it for? Java can be used for many different types of software. Some examples:


  • Internal software for your business
  • Game development
  • Decentralised cloud application
  • Software handling big data
  • Programming sensors and hardware in IoT devices
  • Mobile applications
  • AI software

Consultancy & projects

At Xplore Group, we’ll support your Java projects in the way that suits you best – would you like consultants or do you prefer to hand over the project completely? From juniors to seniors and developers to architects – whatever your need, we are happy to help.


The Java world is vast, as is our knowledge within it.



  • Java SE & EE 
  • Spring Boot 
  • Quarkus 
  • Jhipster 



  • (Micro)services 
  • Event-driven architectures 
  • REST API’s & GraphQL 
  • SQL en NoSQL databases 



  • CI/CD – Jenkins & git 
  • Test Automation 
  • Infrastructure Automation 


Cloud & Infrastructuur 

  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform 
  • Docker & Kubernetes 
  • OpenShift 

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