A seamless B2B shopping experience

Midocean, one of the leading suppliers of promotional products, textiles, and printed business gifts in Europe, was looking for a partner to upgrade their webshop. They partnered with competence center Fenego to create a digital commerce platform which focuses on stability and performance.

Midocean already used Intershop, but due to an outdated infrastructure and complex backend, different limitations arose, and customer satisfaction decreased. To improve customer experience again, the existing content had to move into an updated Intershop environment in combination with SQL Server on Azure Cloud. Several functional improvements were made, and new features were added.

The result is an increase of 15% in conversion and a customer satisfaction score that grew from 6.8 to 7.6! Moreover, the new webshop is 40% faster and has had no registered downtime in the past year. And the story does not end there. Fenego has composed a roadmap for the rest of the year to take the webshop to an even higher level so midocean can continue to give its customers a seamless shopping experience in the years to come.


Midocean needed an updated e-commerce platform that was stable, fast and focused on customer experience. 

Our solution

Competence Center Fenego moved midocean’s existing webshop over to Intershop 7.10 and the cloud creating a user-friendly and scalable B2B webshop.


  • Intershop 7.10
  • Microsoft Azure
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