An efficient website for X²O

Legio Group is the organisation behind the bathroom specialist X²O and the garden furniture shop Exterioo (formerly known as Overstock). As an umbrella organisation, they support the 65 stores in Belgium and the Netherlands and want to offer their customers perfect service, both offline and online. They asked Xplore Group to revamp their online store. 

Legio was using several IT systems for their e-commerce which weren’t future proof and worked cumbersomely. Adding new business units or product ranges proved to be difficult in an outdated PIM system, product images were managed seperately, … In short, it wasn’t east to efficiently deliver content to the sites of X²O and Exterioo.  


To revamp their entire e-commerce environment, a tailor-made team was put together, consisting of specialists from various Competence Centres: Induxx, PHPro, and Sidekick 


An efficient Akeneo PIM system is implemented to form a solid foundation for the product structure in Magento. The PIM system was linked to WS S3 for image management, and it also ensures that important product data is directly communicated with cash registers and data warehouse management. Furthermore, a link to the ERP system Jorosoft was provided so that promo information is directly pushed online. Training and future support were also provided.  


The result is a fresh, user-friendly web store with automatically pushed and up-to-date product data. Furthermore, there is a general increase in visitors, who also stay longer on the website. The automation and integration of various IT systems also led to time saving for employees.


Legio was in need of a user-friendly and visually attractive online store, where the product data is always up-to-date.  

Our solution

Competence Centre Induxx provided an efficient PIM system, PHPro developed the Magento system, focused on the JavaScript and Sidekick was used for the UX and UI. Together, they created a future-proof website with continuously updated product data from Akeneo PIM.  


  • Akeneo PIM system 

  • WS S3 

  • Magento 


A future proof web shop, successfully supporting Legio Group’s strategy.