Adding a catchy app to a great campaign

A cool marketing app puts the spotlight even more on an already great marketing campaign. That’s exactly what Xplore Group was after with its original disposable camera app for communication agency TheseDays Y&R and Belgian Internet provider Telenet.

Modern technology has changed our lives. But how did people do things back in the day? Telenet’s ‘Vollenbak vooruit’ campaign was packed with nostalgic references about how we used to do things in the good old days of analogue technology. TheseDays Y&R decided to spice the campaign up a little by throwing in a marketing app.


Xplore Group developed an app that acted exactly like an analogue disposable camera. The app could be used to take only one run of 15 pictures. The user could see the subject through a small viewfinder. None of the pictures could be seen until they got ‘developed’, just like old times. After completing a form and uploading the files, Telenet sent over the printed pictures to the user’s home address.


Xplore Group developed the app for both iOS and Android in just three weeks. The app was tested on all current iPhone models and a selection of Android phones. As part of the project, Xplore Group assisted TheseDays Y&R in all Apple App Store and Google Play Store related matters, until the release in both stores was successfully completed.

Team Xplore Group working with Telenet


  • 25.000 installs in the first 2 weeks
  • 10.000 sessions per day
  • 76% daily active users
  • #1 in Apple App Store (Free apps)
  • #1 in Google Play Store (New apps)
  • Trending on Twitter


Communication agency TheseDays Y&R wanted a catchy app to boost Telenet’s ‘Vollenbak vooruit’ campaign.

Our solution

An interactive mobile app that attracted a lot of extra attention to Telenet’s campaign.


  • REST/JSON communication with remote backend
  • Facebook event tracking


Xplore Group developed a catchy app in just three weeks, boosting TheseDays Y&R’s marketing campaign for Telenet. The app instantly went to the top spot in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store’s lists of most popular apps.

“The app had the exact look and feel of a 1980s disposable camera: custom viewfinder, animated scroller and picture counter with realistic sound effects – and usable for 15 pictures only.”