Understanding analytics for D’Ieteren Auto

D’Ieteren Auto, a leading car importer in Belgium, represents brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Porsche. In recent years, D’Ieteren has seen an increase in online research when customers want to buy a new car. In some cases, cars are even bought entirely online, especially in the second-hand market. D’Ieteren Auto wanted a better feel for their digital data landscape and hired competence centre Stitchd to help them.

The digital shift in the automotive industry

Buying a car is still considered a time-consuming process for many consumers, and as a result the industry is undergoing a digital shift. Traditional physical interactions, such as showroom visits and car fairs, are gradually being replaced by online research by potential customers. While the physical experience is still crucial, effective online targeting during the orientation phase has become essential.

Tackling digital challenges

Initially, defining and measuring the buyer’s journey required the use of a diverse set of digital platforms from the different car brands within the D’Ieteren group. This led to challenges in comparing customer data and gaining actionable insights. A lack of centralised data collection made it difficult to be data-driven. 

Restoring control of data

By working with Stitchd, D’Ieteren Auto reshaped their digital data landscape, enabling uniform and reliable data collection. This led to renewed confidence in data quality and the availability of actionable insights and reports.


Given the increase in online research in the search for a new car, D’Ieteren Auto needed a better view of their digital data landscape.

Our solution

By working with Stitchd, D’Ieteren Auto has reshaped their digital data landscape. This allows them to rely on uniform and reliable data collection, leading to renewed confidence in data quality and the availability of actionable insights and reports.


  • Uniform data collection: All data is now collected consistently through a brand-independent measurement framework across all platforms.
  • Targeted communication: Uniform data collection allows D’Ieteren Auto to perform more accurate media tracking and optimise data collection across platforms, resulting in better-targeted customer communications.
  • Reliable data: With renewed confidence in data and access to actionable insights via dashboards, D’Ieteren Auto can now develop a data-driven digital strategy.