A data-driven marketing approach

Personalised approaches push your conversion ratios sky-high. Although many companies are willing to adopt this approach, they don’t know where to start. Again, you can count on the knowledge of Xplore Group.

We order your data, this is how.

Most consumer interactions are done digitally. That equates to data collection, which means learning opportunities. Theoretically not a difficult story. Practically speaking, that’s a different matter.

Specific use cases for each audience

Many organisations acknowledge the importance of customer experience. But a good customer experience is very context dependent: what is important to you, may not be for your neighbour. Together with the customer, we define relevant audiences and devise use cases to adapt the user experience to that specific target group. Think for example of the fans of a certain organization: by approaching them with an offer linked to that organization, you significantly increase your conversion chances. However, for someone who is not a fan of the organization in question, this could have the opposite effect.

Data mapping

Once the use cases have been defined, we start data mapping. We know which data is relevant and necessary to work out the use cases. We compare this with the available data: are all these data points available and can we identify the intended audiences in an online context? In short: we check whether the right data foundations are in place before we proceed with personalised marketing.


Based on our experience, we have developed various strategies within Xplore Group to identify anonymous users in a digital context. This allows us to stitch the different data sources to each other.

Data stitching

Many personalisation use cases make use of different data sources: online behaviour in combination with CRM data, advertising data in combination with purchase data, etc. Connecting different data sources is one of the major challenges within personalised marketing.


Specifically, we have been able to count on a large sample of IT project managers, project sponsors and senior managers from across the country. We reached Dutch, French and English-speaking respondents, which provided a solid basis of data to analyse. After a thorough analysis, the results were considered representative, particularly for the Belgian IT sector.

Data activation

The next challenge is to activate this data and convert it into concrete action. In doing so, we try to extend the personalisation use case to all the different touch points. Think of targetted campaigns, the content on your own website, mobile applications, e-mail marketing… Such activation is usually done via a DMP (data management platform) or CDP (customer data platform).

Questions we can answer for you

  • What data do we need to conduct data-driven marketing?
  • How can you identify customers in an online context?
  • How do we link our on-, and offline data?
  • How do we translate data into correct insight?
  • Is personalisation effective? Does it contribute to a higher conversion?

Are you ready for a personalised marketing approach?

One of the conditions to start with personalised customer experiences is qualitative data at profile level. We are happy to help you set up the right data collection. It does not mean that if you are not planning to set up personalised campaigns right now, you cannot start yet: after all, collecting sufficient data takes scale and time.

Collecting data in a web analytics tool is simple. It becomes really interesting when you can translate that data into specific customer profiles. Few companies can do that

Meanwhile, as an organisation you have time to organise for personalised marketing: be prepared to develop and publish not one, but ten different versions of a campaign. This requires a strong team in which many different disciplines come together (data analysis, campaign management, copywriting, design, marketing strategy, front end development, conversion optimisation, etc.).


Your organisation does not necessarily need to have all these disciplines in-house. For example, the management of advertising campaigns and design developments can be very efficiently outsourced to agencies. Experience has taught us that it is important that you yourself remain in the driver seat as an organisation. Above all, you have to take ownership of the data and the strategic decisions.


Xplore Group helps its customers evolve to the right level of knowledge to take on such ownership. We ensure that data collected on digital touchpoints is integrated within your data warehouse. We assist with the initial configuration of a DMP / CDP solution. We brainstorm with you about personalisation use cases and, based on our experience, we can prioritise on the basis of the expected return-on-investment. But above all: we ensure that this knowledge lands in your organisation so that your own employees can gradually take over.

Jente specialises in marketing analytics and personalisation. He likes to delve into your data to see what is already possible at this moment and what steps can be taken to realise your strongest ambitions. You can reach him via jente.deridder@stitchd.be.


The data landscape is changing rapidly. You have to keep up with it non-stop.


Lean on Xplore Group’s expertise so that you can anticipate and roll out a data-driven marketing strategy in a timely manner.

Author: Xplore Group, 24 nov 2020

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