The role of a PIM specialist

Imagine this: you have decided to centralise and structure your product data. This can be done through a PIM (Product Information Management) system. To use the maximum potential of this complex tool, it can be useful to bring in experts with the right knowledge and background: a PIM specialist. He or she is able to seamlessly connect the company’s business needs with the technical aspects of the software.

The role of a PIM specialist

The role of a PIM specialist is to support the users of the PIM system in their daily tasks. He or she ensures that workflows are followed and that the system is well maintained and expanded when needed. The specialist is also the point of contact in case of possible problems.


In addition, the PIM specialist is responsible for training users and is often involved in onboarding new business units to the system. By coordinating with various stakeholders, the specialist understands the customers’ needs, allowing product information and processes to be optimised, which in turn also boosts sales.


A PIM specialist also contributes to the preparation and execution of data migration and can help the business set up reports and analyses. He or she is an important link between the technical department and the business, which often leads to smoother communication between the different departments.

A successful implementation thanks to a PIM specialist

The average employee often has limited experience with complex data processing. By engaging a PIM specialist, employees and teams can stay focused on their core activities. While the business focuses on customers and suppliers, the IT department takes care of the technical systems, and sales and marketing acquire new customers, the PIM specialist takes care of optimising data processing. With specific (sector) knowledge, he/she can quickly and efficiently perform evaluations to make improvements where needed.


From experience we have noticed that a change in working methods often leads to resistance. It is the role of the PIM specialist to then act as a connecting factor between departments that sometimes have conflicting interests. For example, finding the right balance between elaborate administrative processes and the need to respond to trends fast. In this way, the PIM specialist can be a mediator to all departments involved. With his people and change management skills, he ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Xplore Group’s PIM specialists

At Xplore Group we have several competence centers full of PIM experts with a total knowledge of more than 40 different packages. Furthermore, they are familiar with the data needs of most major retailers on the Benelux market, and have experience with a very diverse range of products in different sectors. They can join your internal teams smoothly and are able to communicate with all stakeholders according to their interests. In addition, we make sure that our experts give your internal staff sufficient explanation so that they can continue optimising in the future without wasting time.

Basend on an article written by Xplore Group’s competence center Master Data Partners.

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