Study proves the undeniable importance of good project management

The Project-management landscape in Belgium – Anno 2020 and the coming decade.

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When setting up and/or working out a project, continuous monitoring of scope, cost and timing is an absolute necessity. In addition, it is crucial to have a dedicated project manager who maintains an overview and achieves your realistic ambitions.


What does the Belgian project landscape look like? Which methodologies prove their added value for the Belgian business world? How will the role of Project Manager evolve in the coming decade? What investments do we need to make in order to focus on a better project management organisation? What do we see now as decisive for the future? In short, what does the project management domain look like in our diverse, small and well-educated country Belgium? Xplore Group conducted in-depth research into the state of affairs of project management in 2020 and beyond. You can read a foretaste here.

PM in Belgium – Anno 2020 + future

Our working method and partners

Until now, there was virtually no reliable data available on this topic, so we carried out a national study together with the Artevelde University of Applied Science (Ghent, Belgium), OFM & BEM department, using a combination of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (in-depth interviews) methods.


Representative research

Specifically, we have been able to count on a large sample of IT project managers, project sponsors and senior managers from across the country. We reached Dutch, French and English-speaking respondents, which provided a solid basis of data to analyse. After a thorough analysis, the results were considered representative, particularly for the Belgian IT sector.

The Topics

The results were divided into four parts.


1. Landscape methods and constraints


We give an overview of the most commonly used methodologies: Agile PM, PRINCE2, Waterfall,…, the most important constraints a project has as well as which budgets are appropriate. Another breakthrough is that we have found several interesting correlations that give the reader more insight into the Belgian Project landscape.


2. Project maturity & PMO


We studied and answered questions about the goals of a Project Management Office (PMO), the PMO types used and whether these types are used efficiently. This was substantiated with the necessary numerical work and various causes were considered. Insights can be found in the white paper.


3. Project Manager role


Who are these project managers and how will this role evolve? We give you an insight into how the Belgian Project Manager will evolve over the next decade.


4. Back to the future


We looked at which methodologies will be given a place in the future and which ones are likely to disappear. We looked at, among other things, Agile PM, Waterfall PM, PRINCE 2, PMBOK and IPMA. In addition, we looked at the focus and purpose of the various project management approaches in relation to the next decade.

Why you should read this study

This study is unique in its kind and paints a clear picture of the current PM situation in Belgium. It provides insight into some of the pain points, its reasons, and at the same time offers opportunities for growth and potential opportunities. In addition, in the case of common challenges, we not only present the cause and the effect, but also an alternative and solution. In this way, this study can be used as a guideline from various areas.

A sneakpeak

Project management cannot just be something on top of your tasks. At least, for projects worth mentioning. Have you noticed on several occasions that projects last too long? Do you seldom stay within the estimated or desired picture due to failure to meet deadlines or purely unrealistic estimates? Do you realise that you can do better, but you don’t really know how. Then it is probably time to contact Senior Project Manager Xplore Group and also author of The Project-management landscape in Belgium – Anno 2020 and the coming decade.

Author: Yvain Verelst, 23 okt 2020

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