An Innovative Digital Customer Portal for Huisman

In a world where technology constantly evolves, Huisman, a leading player in the maritime sector, has embraced the power of digital transformation. With the expertise of competence center Fenego, they have charted a new course in customer service, where efficiency and customer engagement are at the forefront. 

Based in Rotterdam, Huisman is a global leader in constructing impressive maritime installations. To optimize their service delivery, they recognized the need to digitize their customer service. Fenego, known for their technical know-how and experience, was chosen as the ideal partner for this journey. Together with Intershop, due to its scalability and flexibility, they created a solution that perfectly meets Huisman’s needs. 


With Fenego’s streamlined approach, utilizing an OTAP environment and Intershop Commerce as a Service (CaaS), the portal was efficiently developed and launched. 


The maritime sector feels the pressure of digitalization. Huisman wanted to move away from traditional methods such as phone orders and sought a partner to assist them in this digital transformation. 

Our Solution

Fenego developed the myHuisman© platform, consisting of three digital products: a shop for spare parts, a service section for ticketing via Zendesk, and a technical library. After a thorough analysis phase, where Huisman’s wishes and needs were recorded, the portal was built step by step using an agile scrum methodology. 


  • Platform: Intershop Commerce 
  • Methodology: Agile Scrum 
  • Ticketing: Zendesk 
  • Environment: OTAP in combination with Intershop Commerce as a Service (CaaS) 


The new portal was positively received by both Huisman’s customers and employees. Customers appreciate the user-friendliness and efficiency, while Huisman employees benefit from streamlined workflows. With this portal, Huisman has become not only more efficient but also future proof.

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