Choose for digitalisation with mobile apps

Banking and insurance group Argenta is fully committed to digitization. Xplore Group realized a complete makeover of the Argenta Bankieren mobile app.

Argenta already launched the Argenta Bankieren app a few years ago. With the app, Argenta’s customers track their balance and transactions, make money transfers, check their MasterCard transactions and look up information about local Argenta offices.


With the new version of the mobile app, Argenta responds to the changing needs and expectations of the customers. Among other things, Argenta opted for a registration screen that is animated with video and for a conversational style throughout the app. Overall, the new Argenta Bankieren app looks a lot more modern and dynamic.


Xplore Group built the mobile app on a robust platform that allows to add new features in a very short leadtime (bi-weekly !) in the future. This way, the new app enables Argenta to respond more quickly to new trends. As part of its mobile-first strategy, Argenta presents the app as a customer-friendly access point to all its banking and insurance services.

screenshot campaign new app Argenta


Argenta is fully committed to digitization. The existing mobile app was in great need of a makeover.

Our solution

Xplore Group first developed a new mobile architecture for Argenta, then based the mobile app on it.


  • Android
  • iOS


Argenta Bankieren is a dynamic, easily expandable and customer-friendly mobile app that acts as the gateway to all Argenta’s banking and insurance services.