Video to announce Belgian Cycling’s World Cup selection

Belgian Cycling took an innovative approach to announce its selection for the World Cycling Championships. Instead of a traditional press conference, they wanted to create an impactful video to announce the names of the selected riders. This video did not only need to be informative, but also tell a story and leave a lasting impression on the audience. And that’s exactly what competence centre Us does!

Creative solutions within budget

With a set budget and concept, the challenge was to realise this ambitious production within the financial limits. Working with Belgian Cycling, we developed creative solutions to complete the shoot within one day. The production of the video was a fantastic experience, with Belgian Cycling’s support being invaluable. From closing off streets by the police to providing catering, everything was organised to perfection.

Campaign for gender equality

Besides the World Cup selection video, we were also commissioned to make a video about gender equality in cycling. The aim was to emphasise that men and women work equally as hard to be the first to cross the finish line. By telling a powerful story about equality and perseverance, we created an inspiring message that found resonance with a wide audience.


Belgian Cycling was looking for an original way to announce their World Cup selection.

Our solution

Cue competence centre Us. They created an innovative video revealing the participants. Moreover, they also made a video about gender equality in cycling.


The video lived up to expectations. It became an announcement full of experience and emotion, resulting in a lot of enthusiastic children and proud (grand)parents.