Optimization PIM system ensures optimal functionality of the website

Getting the best possible results from a PIM implementation, that’s what Daily Fresh Food learned from Xplore Group’s specialists.

Daily Fresh Food is a fresh food specialist, offering a selection of fresh products and convenience food products. To provide the customers with the most accurate product information available, Daily Fresh Food decided to implement a Product Information Management system (PIM). Improving data quality was one of the most important targets, Yet, the results were not as expected.


Daily Fresh Food concluded that the existing PIM system was not used at its full potential and should be optimized. They asked Xplore Group to assess the existing PIM application structure and together they discussed the company’s expectations about using the solution.


Following the audit, Xplore Group developed a set of recommendations to improve the system’s performance. This included adjustments on the interfaces and the data model. Next to that, a new workflow, based on completeness rules and tasks, was implemented for the company’s employees, such that data quality can be easily enhanced, and product enrichment is simplified.


On top, a PIM user manual was developed, such that end users could experiment on their own. The final goal was to let end users get more in touch with the system and to enhance their capability to perform small adjustments.


Following a PIM implementation, Daily Fresh Food was looking for a way to get the best results from the system.

Our solution

Xplore Group assessed the company’s data quality process and documented a set of recommendations based on several requirements. During the implementation period, existing out of several stages, the necessary adjustments were executed, such that Daily Fresh Food could finally use the system at its full potential and optimize internal processes.


  • PIM
  • Interfaces
  • Data model
  • Performance
  • Workflow
  • User manual
  • Exercises
  • Demo


The result is an optimally working PIM system that integrates smoothly with the existing infrastructure, and has a positive impact on data quality, internal processes and performance.

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