Making optimal use of MDM, that’s how you do it

With the help of Xplore Group, Fabory dramatically improved the performance and usability of its MDM implementation.

Fabory is a Dutch company that specializes in fasteners. To get Fabory’s webshop online on time with more than 100.000 products in a Master Data Management solution (MDM), the Master Data Management team had no choice but to bend the rules a little. Once the webshop was online, the team’s focus shifted to data quality, as some improvement was required. The time pressure during the initial MDM implementation had resulted in a solution featuring only basic functionality.


In order to start using the MDM solution to its full potential, Fabory called on Xplore Group. First of all, Xplore Group analyzed the initial implementation and made a priority list of the issues that needed to be addressed. Following this list of flaws, Xplore Group came up with the procedures to solve the data quality issues.


Next to the optimization of the initial implementation, Fabory also wanted a clear view on the solution’s features that had remained undiscovered. Xplore Group set up a demo, presenting the newest features. Following the implementation of those features, Xplore Group offered training sessions in a test environment.


Time pressure during Fabory’s initial MDM implementation resulted in a solution offering only basic features.

Our solution

Xplore Group made a priority list of the issues that needed to be addressed, implemented features that had remained undiscovered, and set up workshops and demos.


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Xplore Group improved the performance and usability of Fabory’s MDM solution.