Xplore Group develops, next-level e-commerce platform for IGO-POST

IGO-POST’s B2B customers want to manage their online orders just like they are used to at a B2C web shop. Xplore Group found an answer to the consumerization of B2B. Customer experience is the focal point.

Since more than 70 years, Dutch company IGO-POST is the market leader in the field of business gifts and printed promotional items. For several years already, IGO-POST is evolving from a pure offline company working with sales catalogues to an omnichannel organization, with a growing role for digital.


IGO-POST is expanding its digital strategy through the migration of its e-commerce environment. Xplore Group developed a new B2B customer zone (‘my IGO-POST’) that offers direct access to orders, quotes, logos, favourite items and personal information. On the platform, customers can track the status of orders and price quotes, modify customer information, change delivery preference, and more.


Xplore Group integrated the e-commerce platform with IGO-POST’s ERP and PIM systems. The end result is an environment that enables seamless customer experience through various touch points, including multichannel distribution through logistics partners.


  • 350 employees
  • offices in 13 countries
  • 6.500 products
  • 12 web shops


IGO-POST needed a solution that offers a strong foundation for the company’s future digital development.

Our solution

A B2B environment that offers all well-known functionalities of a B2C web shop. Responsive design for tablet and smartphone users.


  • Intershop Enfinity 7.5
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Stibo Trailblazer
  • Apache Camel
  • Apache Solr
  • Logoview
  • Search Engine Optimization


A new customer-focused e-commerce platform, offering all well-know B2C functionalities to the B2B customer.