Optimising visitor insights: a data analysis project for Vlaanderen.be

Vlaanderen.be functions as a non-commercial digital platform of the government, where Flemish people can find relevant information. The increasing amount of digital content, both its own and that of external organisations, created the need for more insights into visitor data. Competence centre Stitchd gladly took up the challenge.


The project needed to provide an accurate overview of visitor data of Vlaanderen.be and its subdomains over a longer period of time. This included building a dashboard that was accessible to various parties and allowed them to gain insights into website activity and the steps visitors go through.


We created a detailed roadmap in advance to create an efficient workspace. Communication was focused on understanding customer needs and receiving continuous feedback to meet their specific requirements. Some technical specifications were then developed to collect and track the right data.


An essential part of the project were training and knowledge transfer. Several training sessions were organised to familiarise the team with the dashboard and data analysis. We provided them with a theoretical guide and practical examples to reinforce their knowledge and enable the team to analyse the data effectively.


With the increasing amount of digital content, Vlaanderen.be needed clear insight into their visitor data.

Our solution

Stitchd built them a dashboard from which they can derive visitor data. Moreover, several training sessions were organised to familiarise the team with the dashboard and data analysis.


The project resulted in a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard that provided all the necessary insights into the visitor data of Vlaanderen.be. Different parties can now perform analyses and generate reports independently, leading to better decision-making and optimisation of website content.