More efficient digital processes with AEM and Azure for OZ

OZ opts for an equivalent suite of services, both on- and offline. The health insurance provider opted for a combination of Xplore Group’s expertise, Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Azure to improve accessibility and interaction through digital documents. 

OZ (in English: Independent Health Insurance Fund) is the fastest growing health insurance fund in Belgium. The organization has 1,700 employees, spread over 60 offices in Flanders. OZ offers a wide range of services, centered around four main pillars: health (such as health insurance and supplementary insurance products), holidays (e.g. youth holidays), vitality (such as advice on physical exercise and healthy eating) and comfort (e.g. domestic help services, workplace nurseries and childminding).


As part of the digitization of its services, OZ developed – together with Xplore Group –  several workflows with digital input forms based on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). This allows for new customers to register with OZ completely online. Before, new clients needed to manually fill in different forms, sign them and send them back to OZ by post. This made it hard to offer 24/7 support, seeing as there always was a delay in the paperwork. 


The digital forms simplified and shortened the process of registration, which led to time savings for both clients and employees. Digital registration only takes 8 minutes. OZ plans to use the same method of digital forms in the future to speed up other processes. 


After implementing AEM, the entire platform was re-located to the cloud (Microsoft Azure) to improve scalability and uptime towards its customers. By moving to the cloud, OZ’s IT department no longer has to worry about the hosting or reliability of the AEM-platform, leaving said department to focus solely on the substantive part of its mission. 


OZ wanted a solution to digitise the registration process for new clients. Besides they also wanted to improve online support, scalability and availability of its AEM-platform.

Our solution

Xplore Group built a custom solution with Adobe Experience Manager and in a later fase migrated the platform to Microsoft Azure.


  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Webservices.NET
  • Microsoft Azure
  • E-ID e-signature service
  • Itsme® e-signature service
  • Adobe Sign e-signature service


Thanks to this solution, the time needed to join OZ is merely 8 minutes when done online. Since this implementation, the amount of digital registrations has grown with 80%. Thanks to the migration to MS Azure, OZ’s AEM-platform is now easy to scale and always online, thus ensuring optimal service to the customer. The IT department doesn’t need to concerns itself with the IT infrastructure any longer and can focus solely on the further digitisation of its services.