A customised PIM solution for an HVAC manufacturer

Xplore Group was asked by a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment (including air conditioners, heating systems and ventilation systems) to provide support in implementing a new Product Information Management (PIM) system. This system should improve the efficiency of collaboration within the company and enhance functionality.

The old system had reached the end of its support period. Xplore Group’s competence centre YellowGround analysed the business processes and data of the existing Master Data Management (MDM) system to determine the requirements of the new system. The decision was made to start from the Stibo Step system, which was fully configured to the customer’s requirements. One of the main tasks was to ensure that the data from the old system could be integrated into the new system. The outdated system was not suitable for the integration of external suppliers, catalogue and data management. In addition, the client wanted the ability to export data to data pools.


To meet these needs, YellowGround developed a customised solution in two phases. In the first phase, the PIM system acted as a data mapping tool, where there was a seamless integration between the SAP and the PIM system. This resulted in the automatic creation of products and import of product data from the legacy PIM system to the new PIM system. Thanks to the integration with AEM, assets were visible in the PIM system and data could be sent from the PIM system to various data pools. This system was deployed in January 2023.


In the second phase of the project, which is now in full swing, the old system will be completely replaced by the new system, with all data management carried out by the various user groups. One of the main advantages of the new solution is that data management and workflows will be integrated, making it easier for everyone to work on the data and contribute to more complete data records. The new system will provide a clearer division of labour and more transparency, leading to improved collaboration and business results. The final system will go live by the end of this year.


The integration of data governance and workflows allows employees to collaborate securely and efficiently. This allows multiple employees to work on data enrichment for the same products at the same time. This solution contributes to improved efficiency and productivity in the HVAC manufacturer’s operations.


An HVAC manufacturer needed support in implementing a new PIM system to make collaboration within the company more efficient.

Our solution

YellowGround built a system with Stibo Step that was fully configured to the customer’s requirements. This included a smart data mapping tool for seamless integration between the old and new system. Eventually, the old system will be completely replaced by the new system by the end of this year.


  • Stibo step
  • SAP S/4hana integratie
  • AEM
  • Etim classificatie
  • FAB-Dis
  • 2BA
  • Datanorm


This solution results in the seamless integration between ERP and AEM, allowing easy transfer of data to different data pools and improved collaboration between employees. This leads to improved efficiency and productivity in the HVAC manufacturer’s operations.