SKM: Success story in E-commerce Marketing

At SKM, the well-known clothing shop in Aartselaar, competence centres eWings and Meteor were given the opportunity to be part of their new e-commerce marketing adventure. To accompany  SKM’s ongoing rebranding activities, which included both a makeover of the physical shop and the launch of a new web shop, eWings developed a tailor-made digital marketing strategy suited to SKM’s needs. Meteor was responsible for building the new webshop.


A revamped webshop

SKM needed an advanced e-commerce solution to integrate online and offline shopping experiences, aiming to offer more than 50,000 products, leverage omnichannel capabilities, strengthen its loyalty programme and create inspiring shopping experiences. As a specialised Shopify Plus agency, Meteor developed a customised webshop for SKM and seamlessly integrated it with the SoftTouch ERP system. This allowed customers to use the loyalty programme, discounts and promotions both online and offline.



Tailor-made digital marketing strategy

Understanding a business is essential. That is why we started our collaboration with SKM with a workshop at our office. During that session, we delved deeper into SKM’s history, their current webshop, the digital marketing channels used and crucial KPIs. The workshop shed new light on SKM’s origins, the company culture, the presence of the physical shop and the goals set for the webshop. Some of the workshop’s agenda items included:

  • Identifying Unique Selling Points (USPs) and focus areas
  • Integrating SKM’s personalised approach and the physical shop into the marketing strategy
  • Implementing an effective “SEO framework” and Google Ads campaigns

Keep growing!

What else is planned?

  • Continuous focus on social media advertising and automation campaigns
  • Tracking and optimising campaigns for optimal results
  • Implementation and monitoring of technical SEO improvements
  • Ongoing support in improving the conversion rate of the web shop


SKM needed a partner who could help them develop a digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, a new webshop needed to be developed.

Our solution

eWings created a tailor-made digital marketing strategy, focusing on SEO optimisation and Google Adds campaigns. Meteor built the revamped webshop.


  • Shopify Plus
  • Integration with SoftTouch ERP-system


Our digital marketing initiatives breathed new life into SKM’s revamped webshop, resulting in a significant increase in key metrics:

  • The number of sessions increased by 14%
  • Conversion rates shot up by 32.2%
  • A sales increase of a whopping 65.2%