UX & accessability at VRT

Competence Centre Humix was hired by the public broadcaster VRT to improve their online platforms. The collaboration focused on optimising accessibility and creating a user-friendly digital environment for a wide audience.

As the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium, VRT plays a crucial role in distributing diverse content across different channels. They focus on qualitative content in the areas of information, culture, education, entertainment and sports. Besides producing quality content, VRT also strives for high-quality digital channels. This includes the increasing importance of UX, UI and inclusive design.


The goal

VRT’s existing and new websites and applications are constantly evolving and therefore need to be constantly improved with end-users in mind. It is crucial for VRT to offer all content in an accessible way.

Our tasks

  • Analysis of key tasks
  • Interviews with users
  • User testing
  • A/B testing
  • Design and development support
  • Documentation of internal accessibility & WCAG guidelines

Our approach

We provide support to VRT MAX and other VRT websites and applications in the area of accessibility & UX. For VRT MAX, we advise, guide and support VRT in all user research to promote further development and optimisation of the applications and website. This includes regular user research such as:

  • Top task research of website and applications
  • User experience of children through interviews, focusing on the Ketnet offer and child profiles
  • User tests for dealing with mixed content such as podcasts, radio and audio clips
  • A/B testing to improve conversion to specific viewing or listening experiences


In terms of accessibility, we support VRT in creating and implementing accessible digital experiences by:

  • User testing focused on use with various assistive technologies (such as screen readers, Braille controls, keyboard controls…)
  • Supporting design and development in creating accessible applications and websites
  • Involve specific target groups (non-native speakers, digital illiterates, persons with cognitive impairments…) in interviews and other user surveys
  • Ensuring internal awareness and practical training on digital accessibility
  • Documenting internal guidelines on accessibility and WCAG compliance


With the constant evolution of the digital landscape, VRT needed improved websites and applications with their end users in mind.

Our solution

Based on a number of analyses and user surveys, Humix supports VRT to optimise their websites and applications in terms of UX, UI and inclusive design.


  • User tests
  • A/B tests


Humix managed to create an excellent user experience across all channels. Moreover, they designed a consistent and attractive visual design and a good user experience. Finally, they made improvements to specific features based on user research, such as restructuring the search functionality to improve searching for both audio and video content.