Client in the spotlight: interview with JBC CEO Bart Claes

A like-minded approach, shared values and a drive to grow are common ground that JBC and Xplore Group have shared for many years. We are proud of our close collaboration with JBC and spoke with CEO Bart Claes about sustainable business development, his view of the future and the impact of the Corona virus on consumer behavior. We showcase these topical themes in a 3-episode interview.

Episode 1 - About the path to a sustainable world

JBC considers corporate social responsibility of great importance. They have been integrating a sustainable strategy into their business for many years. How JBC puts this into practice, you will discover in episode 1.

Episode 2 - About the Future of JBC & CKS

He who does not dare does not win. Despite the disruptive corona year, JBC made a bold move and acquired the CKS brand. In this episode, Bart looks at the future and talks about how JBC could strengthen its market position thanks to the acquisition.

Episode 3 - On a pandemic and consumer behavior

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the fashion retail sector. Due to the lockdowns, we saw a shift in consumer behavior and consumers found their way to e-commerce. Will this trend continue? Find out Bart Claes’ vision on this in episode 3.