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As a developer, your career options are endless. Your interest can be in frontend, backend or maybe you want to go for fullstack. You can specialize in different code languages such as Java, Python or PHP or you can evolve to a more coordinating role and become a true scrum master.

We had a chat with Xplorer Dennis, Teamlead and IT consultant, about his experiences and the ins and outs of Xplore Group developers.

Dennis De Reyer - Team Lead & IT consultant
Dennis De Reyer - Teamlead en IT-consultant

Custom application development

Dennis: “Our competence center focuses on agile software development. We help customers develop customized applications. This ranges from developing new projects from A-Z to modernizing existing solutions or digitizing processes that already exist.”

More than just coding

There is often a misconception about software developers that they spend an entire day coding like a robot behind a screen and that’s it. Nothing is less true.

Dennis: “As a developer, at Xplore Group you are involved in the entire software development process as much as possible. With the entire team we have a daily stand-up meeting with the client, according to the agile methodology.”


Depending on the status of each sprint, different to-do’s emerge. There are regular grooming sessions, demos or retrospective meetings. Workshops or information sessions are frequently held with the customer to clarify bottlenecks.


Dennis: “This way of working creates a sense of involvement and strengthens the team spirit. Everyone stays informed about the status of projects and the activities of colleagues. This works stimulating because you learn from each other.”

Remote Collaboration

Dennis: “Since Covid-19, we are better at remote collaboration. We mastered remote meetings almost instantly and got used to them quickly. However, maintaining a team spirit from a distance is difficult. To progress together, we often do pair programming which became impossible.”


Dennis: ” Thank goodness, Jetbrains released a new plug-in: Code With Me. This new tool lets you share a project remotely and work on code together in real time. While I certainly welcome a partial return to the office, we can now work in a very flexible way.

Cross over of skills

At Xplore Group, you are part of an ecosystem of technological solutions. Depending on the project, an ideal team is put together from different competence centers. This way, as a young developer you get a taste of all kinds of specializations and technologies.


Dennis: “Xplore Group stimulates entrepreneurship, but it is not a must. If you mainly want to grow on a technical level, that is also possible. You get a lot of freedom to walk your own path.”


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Author: Dennis De Reyer